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Yuichiro Matoba
Yuichiro Matoba (Anime Portrait)
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age ??
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Physics Teacher
Personal Status
Status Dead
Anime 1997 Series Episode 1 School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case

Yuichiro Matoba was a physics teacher of Fudo High School and also the guidance teacher of its Mysteries Research Club. Also a suspect in the School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case.


Thirty years ago, Matoba was a member of a research laboratory of Takahata Pharmaceuticals. The company was working on a particular drug at that time, and six people were hired for testing on humans. Unfortunately, the test failed, and all the six people died. The researchers were frustrated, because if the public came to know about the incident, it could be the end for the company. They decided to bury the bodies of the victims under the research building, which was later donated to Fudo High School. That building became the old school building of Fudo High. Taking into consideration that the bodies might be found accidentally, the researchers left a co-worker, Matoba, to guard over the bodies. Rumours about the ‘Six Mysteries’ of Fudo High were spread to deter students from getting close. Matoba then worked as a teacher in the school, and was living his days peacefully. However, ten years later, there was a student willing to do investigations on the six mysteries, and her name was Chihiro Aoyama. She found out about the six hidden bodies, and threatened Matoba that she would tell the police about it. As she was about to leave, she fell from the staircase and died instantly. It was purely an accident, but Matoba decided to hide her body in the wall of the building, and started to spread the news of her disappearance as the ‘seventh mystery’. Years later, the school’s principal decided to tear down the building. Matoba wrote a letter as the ‘Afterschool Magician’ as a deterrence. He even became the guidance teacher of the Mysteries Research Club to keep an eye on their activities. When he came to know that Sakuragi and the other members were trying to solve the seven mysteries, he tried to murder them all.

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