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Yoko Katori
Yoko Katori
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age ??
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Crew Member of a Cargo Ship
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime 1997 Series Episode 28 Ghost Passenger Ship Murder Case

Yoko Katori was a crew member of the cargo ship Cobalt Marine. Also a suspect in the Ghost Passenger Ship Murder Case.


Yoko is of medium height and build, and has a crop cut. She is always seen wearing her uniform with a pink apron.


Shingo Kajima: her late father.


Yoko’s mother passed away when she was young. Her father, Shingo Kajima, was a sea captain. Often busy with his work, Captain Kajima would ask a relative to take care of her while he went out to sea. Whenever he could, he would write her letters and send her pictures of his adventures. Yoko understood how much her father loved the seas, and working on a ship was his dream job. She was very fond of him, and was proud of him too. However, their happy days didn’t last. The Oriental, a luxury cruise liner, collided with the oil tanker Ryuuomaru one fateful night, and 251 people were killed. Captain Kajima was in charge of the oil tanker, and he died as well. After the incident, The Ocean Magazine’s reporter, Yoshikazu Akai, published articles accusing Kajima of being the man responsible for the accident. The victims’ families and the public were swayed by Akai’s reports, and they hurled abuses toward Yoko and her relatives. Yoko’s family was humiliated, and her father’s name was tainted. Bitter, Yoko swore to take revenge on those who defamed her father.

The source of Akai’s reports was the lone survivor from the oil tanker, Tatsuya Kano. Yoko did not believe Kano’s testimony about her father. In order to get the truth out of him, she hid her real identity and got closer to him. One night when they were out drinking, Kano confessed that all he had told Akai were lies. From that point on, Yoko made up her mind that she would kill Kano, as well as Akihiko Wakaoji and Gozo Takamori from the Oriental, who lied during their testimonies.

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