Soko Kirie is a maid who worked on the Russian mansion under Kosei Yamanouchi. The mansion belonged to her family before her father died. Later she got the property after a serial murder committed by her.


She is a calm looking girl with a nice face. She has dark hair and matching eyes. In the anime she has Dark blue hairs and Dark eyes. She is mostly seen wearing her maid uniform.


She is shown rather calm as she nicely talked to Jinme even if he molested her. In inside she is a determined girl to get revenge for her family. But as shown she could be really broken sometimes as at last she wanted to die.


She and her family lived in the Russian mansion Before her father died. Her father used to examine the Russian mansion and wrote all the secrets of it from his school life. After he completed it,his dream was to publish it in a book.

One day he asked one of his friends if he could publish the book. The man simply looked at it and said that it can't be published. Her father apologized for showing him such a boring thing. Her father son died and the mansion was sold for the need of money. One day Takarada with Yamanouchi came to her mother's shop. She told her that Mr. Yamanouchi was a famous mystery novelist. She saw that his face resembeled the face of her father's friend. She went to him as a maid. There she noticed him looking through the book written by her father. So she waited for the day she could inherit his property.

It is pointed out by Takato that probably Mr. Yamanouchi knew that who she was actually as he found peepholes in Kirie's room from which anyone could see her from Mr. Yamanouchi's room.

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