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Shino Tatsumi
Shino Tatsumi
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 37
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Housewife
Personal Status
Status Dead
Anime 1997 Series Episode 18 Hida's Trick of House Murder Case

Shino Tatsumi was the second wife of the deceased head of the Tatsumi family.


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Saruhiko Senda: her former partner.

Ryunosuke Tatsumi: her real child with Saruhiko Senda.

Seimaru Tatsumi: her supposed son.

Isamu Kenmochi: her childhood friend.


Shino and her mother lived a miserable life after her father died, leaving behind a huge debt. Wanting to escape their state of poverty, Shino studied hard, and was able to attend the best school in the region. There, she met Ayako Tatsumi, an attention-craving girl from a wealthy family. Ayako hated Shino because she was a brilliant student, and did everything to make Shino’s school life harder. Sadly, Shino’s mother died, forcing her to leave school and look for a job. Lonely and heartbroken, Shino found comfort in a man and began to trust him. The man, Saruhiko Senda, left her when he found out she was pregnant. Shino was forced to fend for herself, and soon she was due for her first child and went to a hospital. However, to her shock, she discovered that Ayako was also having her child there. Ayako had married into the wealthy Tatsumi family, and her life was perfect. Shino felt bitter because of the great difference in their circumstances, despite Ayako’s wickedness. She had her child days later, and she felt sorry for her new-born son who had to live a life in poverty. “If only he was born to a rich family…”, she thought of this, and as she did, a devilish idea came to her mind. In an act of desperation, she switched her son and Ayako’s son in the hospital’s new-born nursery. Shino considered it as revenge against the woman she hated the most. Years went by, and Shino’s desire to see her real son grew stronger. She decided to become a maid in the Tatsumi household. However, fate was cruel to this woman. Ayako died, and before his own death, the head of the family decided Shino’s apparent son, Seimaru, should be the next head of the household. Shino always wanted her real son, Ryunosuke, to have a happy life being the heir of the Tatsumi family, and so Seimaru becoming the heir took her completely by surprise. It was as if the dead Ayako was rebuking Shino and her real son. The thought of Ayako mocking her made her hate Seimaru so much that she decided to kill him.

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