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Sanae Kikukawa
Sanae Kikukawa
Kanji 菊川 早苗
Romaji Kikukawa Sanae
Age 46
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Bar Owner
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Alias Mika Mugibayashi
Anime Returns Series Episode 23 House of Games Murder Case

Sanae Kikukawa (Alias: Mika Mugibayashi) was a bar owner and also a suspect in the House of Games Murder Case.


Mika Mugibayashi’s real name was Sanae Kikukawa. As a young Kikukawa, she was a producer at a TV production company. There she met Shouzou Shimomura, got married, and had a child named Kozue. However, being busy people, they rarely got time to spend together as a family. At that time, Kikukawa learned that her husband had another woman. They were even expecting a child together. Shimomura soon disappeared, leaving Kikukawa alone as a single mother. She tried hard balancing her career and raising Kozue. She started a small TV program production firm and gave it her all. Unfortunately, there was an accident on the set of one of her shows, and as a result, her company went bankrupt. Debts were enormous, forcing Kikukawa to work up a scam, and she ended up being wanted by the police. Broken, she decided to end her miserable life, leaving behind a suicide note and going into the Sea of Trees. Somewhere along the way, she tripped and fell. She was horrified when she saw a skull, and found something lying on the ground. It was an identity card of a dead woman, Mika Mugibayashi. Incidentally they were of the same age. An idea suddenly came to Kikukawa's mind. She abandoned her past life, underwent a plastic surgery and started working hard as a new person. Eventually, she became the owner of a bar. Things were going well for her, until one day, her daughter came searching for work at her bar. Kikukawa was glad to see her all grown up. However, she knew that Kozue was burdened by her debts, and she was in even more trouble after some man tricked her. Kikukawa badly wanted to help her. That was when she saw an article about the woman who had a child with her husband. Her name was Shiho Shimomura and had become a successful apparel maker. She had a huge fortune. Kikukawa finally made up her mind to murder the woman and her son, so that Kozue would inherit the fortune and erase her debts.

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