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Sakura Toyama
Sakura Toyama
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Age ??
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation ??
Personal Status
Status Dead
Anime 1997 Series Episode 100 Young Kindaichi's Nightmare

Sakura Toyama was a member of the Tennis Club. She was best friends with Kome Kagawa and Yuri Nagasaki. Also a suspect in the Young Kindaichi's Nightmare Murder Case.


She is of medium height and build, has slightly bushy light brown hair, and is seen wearing a head band.


Kome Kagawa: her best friend.

Yuri Nagasaki: her best friend.

Akashi Sudo: her tennis coach.


Sakura, Kome and Yuri were best friends from their primary school days. Kome sort of had an inferiority complex toward the other two, because she didn’t excel at anything. She thought that if she got the popular Sudo as her boyfriend, she would have some ‘victory’ over them. However, Yuri also secretly felt the same way. Kome and Yuri confessed to Sakura that they liked Sudo. Sakura did not want to be left behind, so she lied to them, saying that she liked him too. Sudo was good-looking, but was a horrible guy. He played around with the three best friends, and Sakura was not happy about this.


One evening, Sudo took her to his villa, where they and the other two women would spend some time together. Each of the women went to buy some groceries for the evening meal. Sakura got back early, and started to prepare the meal. However, Sudo started to make advances toward her and insulted her friends behind their backs. Disgusted, she grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed him.

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