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Ryuta Takigawa
Ryuta Takigawa
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 31
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Tokyo Girly Mode producer
Personal Status
Status Alive
Alias Long-Tai Wong
Anime Returns Series Episode 1 Kowloon Hong Kong Murder Case

Ryuta Takigawa is a producer for Tokyo Girly Mode. His original name is Long-Tai Wong, and was an inhabitant of Kowloon slum in Hong Kong.


Twenty years ago, when Long-Tai was just a ten year-old, his father was betrayed and murdered by his accomplices Chow, Liu and Xin. Long-Tai escaped out of the house along with his mother and little brothers. As they hid behind some crates, Liu appeared and told them to run away and save themselves. She did not want them to die because it was their father's fault for trading the Kowloon treasure for a bomb, the Poison Dragon. The three brothers managed to escape. However, it was not clear whether their mother stayed behind or joined them, only to return to Kowloon later. Long-Tai later moved to Japan, and started going by the name Ryuta Takigawa. He became a fashion producer. When he saw Lan Yang's tattoo in a magazine, he immediately knew she was his sister, since his mother had the same dragon tattoo. From then on, Long-Tai stayed by her side in order to protect her from Chow and his allies.


Long Wang: father

Mei-Xin Wang: mother

Pai-Long Li: brother

Long-Dong Kim: brother

Lan Yang: younger sister

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