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Riku Busujima
Riku Busujima
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 20
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Returns Series Episode 19 Murder Committed by Inspector Kenmochi

Riku Busujima was one of the three juveniles guilty of human torture. Also a suspect in Murder Committed by Inspector Kenmochi.


Riku Busujima's family ran a small medical equipment company. He would deliver orders to Tamaki's family's hospital, and that was how he knew Tamaki and Uozaki. The two would often bother him with their whims, and he would always end up taking the blame for their troubles. Busujima's father had lent him an apartment to study, since their house was a factory. One afternoon, Tamaki and Uozaki went to Busujima and tried to get his apartment keys. They drove him to a corner, and he had to give in. Fed up with his position, Busujima decided to study hard to get into medical school, and become able to support his father's work. He studied at a coffee shop, and there he met Marina Togami, a waitress. She was the only person who saw his hardwork and dedication. Soon, the two became good friends. Unfortunately, Tamaki and Uozaki came to know about Marina and their friendship. After that, Marina stopped going to school and disappeared from work. Busujima initially thought she was ill, but she had not been at home either. It was only a month later that Busujima found out the truth. He somehow remembered Tamaki asking for his apartment keys, and he immediately went there. He went up to the door, but Tamaki said that they knew nothing about Marina's whereabouts. As he was about to leave, Busujima, to his horror, saw Marina jump out the window. She fell to her death. She had been tortured and starved by Tamaki and Uozaki, and when she could not take it anymore, she took the drastic step. Realizing that she died, Busujima snapped at her tormentors. However, Tamaki managed to talk his way out of it, saying that it was Busujima's apartment where they had committed the crime. Busujima already had a bad reputation because of the two, and so nobody would believe his innocence. He was dumbstruck. Soon, he found himself helping them again, burying Marina and covering up what had happened. Tamaki got him take all the blame for what they had done to Marina, promising that his father would clear Busujima's family's debts. Later on, after Busujima's 'confession' to the police, Tamaki went away to America, and his father stopped dealing with the Busujima family. The company went bankrupt. Busujima finally decided to tell the truth, and wrote a letter to inspector Kenmochi. However, the person who was entrusted with the letter, Ryosuke Komori, destroyed it for his own reasons. All of these incidents made it perfect for the Puppeteer from Hell to intervene. He successfully planted in Busujima a desire for revenge, causing him to murder Tamaki and Uozaki.

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