Reika Hayami
Miyuki Ep1
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Birthday N/A
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 161 cm
Weight 36 kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type Blood Type O
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive

Reika Hayami is Hajime's favorite idol and singer.


  • Hayami Reika (速水 玲香)
  • Age:At the age of 17
  • Height:161cm
  • Blood type.Type O
  • Weight:36kg
  • Measurements:B83/W58/H84
  • Identity:Popular idol singer


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A famous actress and singer, first appearing in  who initially appeared to be arrogant but turned out to be weak and desperate for protection. After this case, Reika has had a crush on Kinda'ichi and sent her only Valentine's Day gift, a heart-shaped chocolate, to him without revealing her name. Since then, she and Miyuki seem to be rivals over Kinda'ichi. In "Playing the Fool", Reika's past, that even she lost memory of, was revealed. , it was revealed that Reika's real mother is veteran actress Keiko Mitamura, but throughout the series Reika never knew it, and it was a secret that only Keiko and Kindaichi know.


Reika is Hajime's favourite idol. Though Hajime is unaware of this Reika has a crush on him. Reika has a confident attitude, she loves to flirt with and seduce her crush, Hajime. But she is mentally weak and can not stand her rivals or enemies do something that she doesn't like.


This article is a stub.
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