Mystery of Missing Gold Medal
Kanji 消えた金メダルの謎
Romaji Kieta Kin Medaru no Nazo
Series Returns Series
Episode Episode 43
On-Air Date Episode 43 (27 Feb 2016)
Characters 4 People (3 Men & 1 Woman)
Death 1 People (1 Man)
Location Glory Samejima Sport Gym, Tokyo
Murderer's Alias Gentleman Thief
Last Case Female Doctor's Bizarre Plot
Next Case Drifting Firefox Murder Case

Mystery of Missing Gold Medal is 17th case in Anime Kindaichi Case File : Returns Series. This case also first anime Returns Series original case.



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Suspect List


First Case

Tamotsu Kamei's Dead Body (Anime)
Case Type
Murder & Mysterious Disappear
Cause of Death
Beat to Death
Glory Samejima Sport Gym, Tokyo

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The Culprit is Susumu Samejima.


After Tamotsu Kamei has found out that he has use drug during his athletic years, Tamotsu start to blackmail him for money in order to keep his secret. After awhile, Susumu has feel enough about it and murder Tomatsu to shut him once and for all.

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