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Manabu Kaiho
Manabu Kaiho
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 16
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Returns Series Episode 30 Chidamari's Room Murder Case

Manabu Kaiho is a first year student at Fudo High School, also a suspect in Chidamari's Room Murder Case.


Manabu Kaiho was aspiring to be a student of the prestigious Kaio Academy. He met Keima Hoshi at an exam cram school, and they both had the same aim. They were also ranked Go players, and quickly became best friends. Unfortunately, Hoshi could not make it into Kaio, and was a second alternate, meaning that two students had to withdraw their applications in order for him to get admitted into the academy. Kaiho made it, although he was really sad for his best friend. They had even planned to get into Tokyo University together after high school. Time passed, but Kaiho did not receive any further notice from the academy. He thought it was unusual, and so he called them. He then learned that someone had withdrawn his application. He was shocked, and since he had not taken any other exam, he had nowhere to go. He barely made it into Fudo High School after a second round of exams. His mother got into depression, and became weaker as days passed. She finally hanged herself, leaving Kaiho enraged. He tried to find out who was responsible for withdrawing his application, and unexpectedly found Hoshi’s name in the Kaio Academy’s Go Club. Kaiho finally came to know that Hoshi was responsible for all this, and he vowed to take revenge.

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