This is a list of minor characters appearing in Kindaichi Case Files and related media.

Characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance or backstory.

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Opera House Murder Case

Western-style Village Murder Case

Snow Yaksha Legend Murder Case

School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case

Treasure Island Murder Case

Broken Heart Lake Legend Murder Case

Western-style Hotel Murder Case

Head Hanging School Murder Case

Hida's Trick of House Murder Case

Murder Committed by Young Kindaichi

Tarot Mountain Hut Murder Case

Wax Doll Castle Murder Case

Murder by Gentleman Thief

Graveyard Island Murder Case

Magical Express Murder Case

Black Butterfly of Death Murder Case

French Silver Coin Murder Case

Demon God Site Murder Case

Reika Hayami Kidnapping Murder Case

Murder in the Forest of the Demon Dog

Demon Killer of Silver Screen

Amakusa Treasure Legend Murder Case

Yukikage Village Murder Case

Russian Dolls Murder Case

Bizarre Circus Murder

Young Kindaichi's Trip of Death Preparedness

Vampire Legend Murder Case

Opera House The Third Murder

Jail Gate Private School Murder Case

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