Lan Yang
Lan Yang
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Age 19
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Tokyo Girly Mode model
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Returns Series Episode 1 Kowloon Hong Kong Murder Case
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Lan Yang is a model based in Japan. She was originally from Kowloon Palace, a slum in Hong Kong.


Lan Yang shares a striking resemblance to Miyuki, and even their voices are similar. The only difference is that Yang has a dragon tattoo on her body.


Lan Yang had a rough childhood. Her only memories were being on the run and hiding from Chow and his accomplices who wanted her mother's tattoo. The dragon tattoo held the secret of the Kowloon treasure's location. Yang and her mother would stay in one place anywhere between a few days to six months, and Yang would never go out to play with other children. Despite their difficulties, Yang's mother would always try to give her good memories and cheer her up in whatever way she could. They kept living like this, until one fateful day, Yang's mother learned that their enemies were looking for them in the area they lived in. She told Yang that they were going to move, and this made Yang sad and frustrated. She ran away, only to come back to her desperate mother and hear their ally Han dying on the phone. Her mother was in tears, yet she calmly told Yang that she had somewhere to go, and gave her instructions to leave the apartment and follow whatever was written in her letter. She hugged Yang for the last time, urging her to find out the secret of the tattoo they both had, which would actually lead her to the Poison Dragon's location, and not the treasure's. Later, her mother lured Chow and the others to an alleyway, where she set herself on fire right before their eyes. Yang saw her mother dying, and screamed. She later settled in Japan with her mother's friend, and became a model. She had a photoshoot which accidentally revealed her tattoo. Chow and Liu, who did not know Yang also had it, saw the tattoo on the magazines, and later went running to her, offering her a place in a Girly Mode event. Yang immediately recognized them, and vowed to avenge her mother.


Long Wang: father

Mei-Xin Wang: mother

Long-Tai Wong (Ryuta Takigawa): brother

Long-Dong Kim: brother

Pai-Long Li: brother

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