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Kahoru Takigawa
Takigawa Kahoru
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 45
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Mystery Novelist
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Anime 1997 Series Episode 7 Wax Doll Castle Murder Case

Kahoru Takigawa was a mystery novelist who took part in the Mystery Night. Also a suspect in Wax Doll Castle Murder Case.


Kahoru Takigawa went by another name when she was younger, and she was Kyoji Sayama’s lover. Kyoji was a great lover of mystery, and he was the mastermind of the 400 Million Yen Case in 1968. It was one of the toughest cases in the history of crime. Back then, Kyoji and Kahoru had three other comrades- Toma, Bando and Richard. After the money had been stolen, the three wanted to use it immediately, but Kyoji insisted that they wait for the prescription period to be over to make the robbery a ‘perfect crime’. That night, Kyoji told Kahoru about his plan to stage a perfect crime in a German castle. He gave her a ring, telling her that he was serious about their future together. However, Toma, Bando and Richard had followed them, and attacked them from behind. Kyoji and Kahoru were unconscious, and they were buried underground. Kyoji died, but Kahoru survived. She woke up in a hospital bed, and for half a year, she lost her memory because of shock. When she finally remembered Kyoji, she went to the place where he had been buried. She was shocked to find that the castle had already been built on that spot. Kahoru did not even get to see his body, and in the end she only had the ring he gave her. At that moment, she swore she would take revenge on her lover’s murderers. She underwent plastic surgery, changed her name, and waited for an opportunity to kill the three using Kyoji’s perfect murder plan.

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