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Jun Kariya
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 28
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Hotel Boy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Alias Chow Long Tao
Anime Returns Series Episode 26 Young Kindaichi's Trip of Death Preparedness

Jun Kariya is a character who first appeared on The Death March of Young Kindaichi Case.


He first appeared in Young Kindaichi's Trip of Death Preparedness as a ten year-old boy working at the King Dragon Hotel. He has a bowl-haircut, and is mostly seen wearing a green uniform.


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Chow Long Tao’s real name was Jun Kariya, and his father, Shuuhei Kariya, was a professor. 18 years ago, his father found out the location of the gold bars of the Japanese imperial army. They were buried underneath a hotel in Hong Kong. That hotel later caught fire and many people were killed. Jun’s father saw this as an opportunity to get the gold, and he took Jun and four of his students to Hong Kong. That was when Jun met a young girl named Nan Li Ching, who acted as their tour guide. Jun liked her, and they made a promise to meet each other again in Japan. Unfortunately, the very next day, Jun and his father were imprisoned in an underground cell by the four students Fumika Fujii, Toru Shinomiya, Shuji Matsuoka and Kamiyama, who ran away with the gold. The father died after three days, but Jun managed to survive for 18 years by eating rats and the imperial army’s stockpile of food. He exercised to keep his endurance up, and would light an oil lamp for two hours a day to read the old books in that underground prison. As a result of being trapped in the prison for many years, Jun barely grew in size. He was filled with hatred, and swore to take revenge on the people who made him suffer so much.


Jun Kariya is left-handed. He also has a rare condition in which his heart is on the right side of his chest.

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