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Ghost of Vice Principal
Ghost of Vice Principal (Portrait)
Kanji 亡霊教頭
Romaji Bourei Kyoutou
Professional Status
Personal Status
Manga/Light Novel Kindaichi Case Files R Case 2 Ghost School Building Murders Case

Ghost of Vice Principal is the murderer in Ghost School Building Murder Case. It is referring to the ghost of Gensho Yuki, the Vice-Principal of Kogane Junior High School who stayed behind on the island, despite low supplies to protect the rumored 200kg of gold bars.


Gensho Yuki is the Vice Principal of Kogane Junior High School. Unlike other teachers who only worked for 3 years on the island, he have given service to the school for 30 years, getting promoted from high school teacher to the position of vice principal. The reason he stayed behind is that he had some connection to the gold bars and stayed behind to protect his gold.

After a while, the island citizens began to left the island, but Gensho Yuki stubbornly stayed on the island. Not long after, food supplies from the gold company began to deplete and the employees decided to take him away forcefully. When the employees arrives in the his room, they are shocked by the appearance of mummified body of the Vice Principal. They began to flee and inform the police of what they witness and when the police arrived at the scene, the mummified body of the Vice Principal vanished without trace.

Modus Operandi

No known modus operandi.


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