Ghost Hotel Murder Case
Alternate Title The Encounter
Kanji 幽霊ホテル殺人事件
Romaji Yuurei Hoteru Satsujin Jiken
Type Short Case - Akechi Case Files
Case Number Akechi Case 7
Date Released 22 March 2000 - 5 April 2000
Length 3 Chapters
Characters 6 People (5 Men & 1 Woman)
Death 1 People (1 Man)
Location Franklin Hotel, Los Angeles, USA
Murderer's Alias Ghost
Last Case Dead Person's Checkmate
Next Case Kengo Akechi's Student Case Files

Ghost Hotel Murder Case is seventh case in Kindaichi Case Files : Akechi Case Files. Created by Seimaru Amagi as Author and Fumiya Sato as Mangaka.



Ghost Hotel Murder Case Characters
Main Characters
Kengo Akechi (Ghost Hotel Murder Case Portrait) Hajime Kindaichi (Ghost Hotel Murder Case Portrait) Miyuki Nanase (Ghost Hotel Murder Case Portrait)
Kengo Akechi Hajime Kindaichi Miyuki Nanase
Suspect List
Patricia O'Brien (Ghost Hotel Murder Case Portrait) Bob Davis (Portrait) Jim Chipper (Portrait)
Patricia O'Brien Bob Davis Jim Chipper
Unnamed Mexican Man (Portrait) Bill Hammett (Portrait) Yoichi Takato (Ghost Hotel Murder Case Portrait)
Unnamed Old Man Bill Hammett Mr. Maskman
Other Characters
120px 120px Ken Murata (Portrait)
Yoshida Unnamed Mexican Man Ken Murata

Suspect List


First Case

Jim Chipper's Dead Body (Manga)
Case Type
Murder & Mysterious Disappearing
Cause of Death
Franklin Hotel, Los Angeles, USA


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