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Fuma Kamioka
Fuma Kamioka
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 24
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation College student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Returns Series Episode 6 Alchemy Murder Case

Fuma Kamioka is a student from an elite national dental college.


Fuma Kamioka had a sister named Haruka Yunagi. Their parents died in a car crash when they were young, and so they were sent to an orphanage. The two siblings loved each other very much, but were heartbreakingly separated when different foster parents took them in. They were raised apart in different families. Unexpectedly, Fuma's foster parents had a child, and he felt pressured to support himself. He started working part-time as a welder and a florist, and entered university, although he was unsure if he could pay the tuition fees. Then one day, he saw Haruka as a teen actor in a magazine, and immediately recognized her. Fuma wrote her a fan letter, pretending to be an average fan. However, he also put in the name of their hamster that only he and his sister knew about. Many days passed, and one afternoon, Fuma got a call. It was Haruka. Fuma was thrilled, and the two started exchanging calls and texts. Meeting each other could cause a scandal, so they were content with just their present connections. Haruka later suggested that she would pay her brother's tuition fees. Fuma hesitated at first, but then relented. He started doing well in college, and Haruka was having a good career, until one fateful day, Fuma got her text. She said she was in trouble, and promised that she 'didn't do it'. Confused and distraught, Fuma later learned the truth. Haruka was found having possession of amphetamines, and she later killed herself, unable to bear the guilt and consequences of the discovery. Fuma was devastated, and blamed himself for not being able to help his little sister. Two days later, he recieved a letter from Haruka. She wanted to meet him atleast once, but never got the chance. She also told him that she was framed by Director Onizawa,Takuya Mayumura, Hotaru Fukamori and her manager Mikage. Furious, Fuma resolved to kill everyone who had driven his sister to suicide.

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