Episode 4
Japanese Title: 「悲恋湖伝説殺人事件」ファイル1
Romanized Title: Hirenko Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Fairu 1
English Title: Legend of Lake Hiren Murder Case File 1
Airdate: April 28, 1997
Chapters: 3
Theme Music
Opening: Confused Memories
Ending: N/A
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Legend of Lake Hiren Murder Case File 1 is the 4th episode of the anime. It aired on April 28, 1997.


Miyuki gets a chance to go to a lake side resort along with Kindaichi.Meanwhile,a serial killer,Jason has escaped from a prison nearby.The murder of Mr.Kayama and Mr.Kosube takes place.Kindaichi promises to solve this case in the name of his grandfather.


  • Miyuki gets this chance as her cousin is unable to go.

Two of the people who go for the tour get a chance to win a lifetime Membership at the resort.

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