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Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom
Kanji 血吸い桜
Romaji Chisui Zakura
Professional Status
Personal Status
Manga/Light Novel Kindaichi Case Files R Case 5 Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom Murder Case

Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom is the murderer in Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom Murder Case. Its alias is named after the unique, crimson-colored petals of the surrounding Cherry Blossom around Yozakuratei Lodge that has sucked the blood of the corpses buried beneath the trees by Oryu Kigata.


Many years ago, Yozakura-tei used to be a sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis for the villagers. The sanatorium was managed by two doctors. One of them is Oryu Kigata. Oryu kigata is an elite doctor working at a big hospital in Tokyo. However, he decided to be transferred into Yozakura Village for unknown reason. After being transferred into the sanatorium, patients mysteriously disappeared one by one. It happens whenever Dr. Kigata works, the patient either suddenly died or being transferred into another hospital, as Dr. Kigata said.

Day by day, the patients keep disappearing, until the day its approaching spring, a nurse witnesses Oryu Kigata, carrying a head of decapitated patient and burying them under the cherry blossom tree surrounding the sanatorium. It was revealed that Kigata has been murdering patients and burying their corpses beneath the cherry blossom. After he was reported to the police, Kigata escaped and the police who investigated the surrounding area discovered the mutilated patients the doctor have killed. Kigata's motive for doing the crime was revealed in his medical notebook. "One more month, until the cherry blossom fully blossomed. On this year, the Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom will beautifully blossomed with its blood-colored petal. I can't wait to see it."

Spring comes, and something unexpected happen, the cherry blossom garden where the victims are buried, the flowers have fully blossomed with its deep-crimson color as if the tree has sucked their blood. In the past, the tree used to be nicknamed "Chisui Zakura 「治水桜」", meaning Cherry Blossom that dominates the water, due to the soft ground it grows on, it'll soon be flushed away with water. However, after the incident, the people have referred it to "Chisui Zakura 「血吸い桜」" because they blossomed after sucking human blood.

Modus Operandi

After Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom kills its victim, they proceed to stab the victim with twigs from the Cherry Blossom or put their body a rest underneath the tree.


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