Akiko Hama
Akiko Hama
Kanji {{{Kanji}}}
Age 17
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation High school student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Returns Series Episode 10 Jail Gate Private School Murder Case
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Akiko Hama is a student at Gokumon Private School.


Not much is known about her origins. Hama joined the gruelling Gokumon Private School, and ever since she went there, she had been bullied by six of its top students- Konoe, Kaido, Kujiragi, Enami, Kirisawa and Moroi. She also had troubles at home, and she had no one to turn to. Trapped, she decided to end her life by walking up to a speeding train. Then, out of nowhere, a boy saved her in the nick of time. His name was Shuji Aino. Hama later opened up to him, and told him she did not value her life anymore. Shuji replied by saying that dying is no good, and every life has a value. His words gave her hope. It then happened that Shuji joined Gokumon Private School as well, and he was a great student. Unfortunately, Kaidou and the other five students got jealous because their top ranks were taken away from them. They terrorised Shuji endlessly. They then came up with a plan. They got Hama alone and convinced her that Shuji was doing drugs. Hama believed them, and as she expressed her desire to help him, Kaidou told her that they already had an idea of how to do it. They got Hama to switch Shuji's 'drugs' for some 'vitamin' vials. Several days later, Hama got the news that Shuji died. He was actually suffering from a serious disease and needed regular injections of medicine to stay alive. However, his medicines had been switched by a clueless Hama. Hama tried to get an explanation from the six students who set her up, but they scoffed at her, blaming her for doing the switching. Shocked, Hama wandered around, and once again decided to end her life by getting run over. Just as she was about to cross the white line, the Puppeteer from Hell, Yoichi Takato intervened, and stirred her into getting revenge for her suffering.

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